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   Value-Price evolved from a compelling desire to make purchasing residential HVAC system installations convenient, practical, easy and cost-effective. Traditional HVAC marketing paradigms are antiquated requiring heads of households already burdened with hectic schedules to endure lengthy high pressure standardized sales presentations.

Compounding this predicament is insistence by aggressive marketers that both spouses be present for their canned sales pitch so a contract "deal" can be closed on the spot.   Many find this objectionable, bordering on outrageous, we agree.

Consumers living in our fast-paced Metro area and working in its ubiquitous high-tech corridors increasingly demanded an innovative customer-centric solution, we listened.

Enter Value-Price...     You now have a calm, civilized alternative.
Convenient on-line installation price quotes for furnaces, heat pumps and air conditioning systems in real-time. We understand demands of tight schedules mandated by career especially when both in a family work, or a single parent is head of household.

Save Time...     Our interactive interview process allows you to easily tell us about your existing HVAC system and any enhanced capabilities you desire.   We are 24/7 real-time...

By learning about failed equipment (capacities, manufacturer, model number, etc.) and comfort improvements desired, we can specify for your consideration a suite of components that are engineered to work collectively as a tightly integrated unit.

A professionally designed system of "matched" components is critical to providing optimum performance, maximum comfort, and ultimate efficiency.

To quote the aggregate cost for installing a matched replacement system we make appropriate assumptions that your previous system was installed to jurisdictional code, with approved electrical wiring, proper fuel and refrigerant piping, and so on. You explain to us by means of multiple-choice "questions" your lifestyle, home's architecture, etc. so we can precisely calculate degree of difficulty required for installation.

Research, development and testing of algorithms have taken over five years, but the results are worth it. We find, in over 90 percent of system replacements, that equipment cited, and initial installation price are correct. Nonetheless, the on-line proposal and price quote furnished real-time by Value-Price does not constitute a binding offer until pertinent information is corroborated.

In order to ensure your needs are precisely met and we have considered all necessary information, your contractor's technician will perform an on-site visit (at your convenience) to assure accuracy of information provided on-line regarding site conditions, equipment selection and scope of services. Once verified, the technician will confirm our proposal and quote as a firm offer, or will provide an addendum with contingencies (cost or credit). A binding contract will be formed when you and the technician agree and sign this contract reflecting the verified proposal and price.

But wait, saving you time and assuring professional design of "matched" system components is only part of the picture...
Our moniker is Value, thus we offer four quality tiers defaulting to Standard System which we earnestly believe provides an excellent return on investment.

Culmination of our on-line process presents alternative choices to our Standard System. Intricate details of system components and quality tiers are explained in our FAQ´s. However realize that equipment quality affects (in salesperson speak) meeting your initial investment expectations.

Bear in mind that quality tier also influences annual operating expense and level of comfort systems are capable of providing.

In Summary:
  • $$$$ Absolute Best Quality : highest efficiency equipment, assures optimum temperature leveling throughout the home, and achieves quietest ambient environ.
  • $$$ Premium Quality : equipment of superior capability, an admirable balance of very good temperature control and exceptional efficiency
  • $$ Standard System : equipment of good value, durable construction, reliable quality and performance at a thrifty price.
  • $ Low Budget : minimum initial investment (complies with DOE specifications) meets all code requirements and minimum performance standards. A price leader albeit highest operating expense.
Try us as thousands of your neighbors have, you´ll be glad you did...

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