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Financing Options

Value-Price fully appreciates that the initial investment required for a heating & cooling unit replacement or upgrade to a high efficiency HVAC system can exceed funds at hand for many consumers. However we also realize that given a timely interval to amortize this purchase without incurring interest is a strong incentive to choose the system that best matches your requirements.

Always consider the advantage of increased equity you add to a home. So often we are called in during the closing process owing to HVAC failing a home inspection. In every case the seller laments having to purchase a system they will never enjoy. Don't let this happen, if you plan eventually to sell, benefit in future sales negotiations, enjoy the comfort of a new system now.

Financing by: American General Financing by: GE As a resource for you to expedite HVAC comfort system ownership our LENNOX Dealer™ has partnered with several of this area's premier financial institutions GE Financial® and American General®.

Both offer exceptional financing options to alleviate immediate financial challenges. Unlike gimmicky off-season offerings, our financing opportunities are available year round. We want to be certain that you can make the decision that's most appropriate for your particular needs. Value

Value-Price Financing Options †
    † Options may vary: Please review specific details of financing offered.

Six Months Same As Cash with No Payments. You make no payments and incur absolutely no interest for the next six months. This is an excellent financial strategy for homeowners who want to:
  1. Render a single total investment, but not immediately.
  2. Assemble the investment amount over the next six months and incur no finance changes.
  3. Need time to arrange a home equity loan to ensure tax-deductible interest.
  4. After six months time, incur interest at industry competitive rates retroactive to date of installation.
On-Line Financing: Financial assistance is now available in real-time. At the completion of your quote process immediate on-line financing will be offered, simply selection the appropriate financial institution's icon to be taken to their web portal. Once on the lender's web site you can apply for the amount you wish to fund on your comfort system investment. Or if you prefer to wait until later our contractor will be happy to assist you in applying to obtain quick approval for financing via traditional venues.

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Should you choose to negotiate financing through a third party we advise you to consider a cautionary warning issued by the FDIC on the risk of dealing with predatory lenders. Please review the FDIC's "Questions to Ask Before Signing a Loan Contract"
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