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Value-Price Contractor's Guarantees To You...

Apples to Apples 1. Lowest price guarantee
If you find a lower price within thirty days of the time we install your new comfort system, we will not only honor their written proposal, we will take an additional five percent off the price. We only ask that the comparison be apples to apples.    Competing estimate must be in writing, itemizing identical equipment and signed by a contractor licensed to do HVAC improvements in your jurisdiction.

2. Same Day Service
We not only guarantee you that we will have your new comfort system installed for you within a twenty-four hour period, but if the need for a service call ever arises, a LENNOX certified technician will respond to your home within twenty-four hours as well. This way you can sleep easy at night knowing we are only a phone call away.    This assistance advantage requires our Preventive Maintenance Agreement after one year, please be certain to obtain this valuable service agreement upon the first anniversary of your installation.

3. No Overtime Guarantee
In the unfortunate situation that you find your comfort system has failed for whatever reason, you can be reassured that there will be no additional charge for us to respond to your home to correct a warranty problem. It will not matter what day it is or what time of night your crisis occurs. ; After all, the last thing you want to hear, after making such a large investment to insure your family's comfort, is that there will be an additional charge.    Length of warranty service is contingent upon the quality tier of system you obtain and will be clearly communicated to you in our Price Quote Contract.

4. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Our goal is to make every last one of our customers one hundred percent happy with our services - no matter what we have to do to reach this level of satisfaction. If, for whatever reason we can not achieve this, we will gladly remove the system and refund all of your money. Through our many years of serving the public, this has yet to occur and we plan to keep it that way.   

5. Our Pledge to our Valued Customers
We will not only provide you with the most knowledgeable technicians in the industry, but we will provide you with the most professional ones as well. Our employees are put through criminal and federal background checks, are monitored for substance abuse and tested on their technical knowledge before even being considered for employment with our company. Our technicians are recertified in the latest advancements on a yearly basis.   

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