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Design of residential HVAC comfort systems embraces both art and science. Not only is every residence physically unique, each family brings forth its own special mix of lifestyle requirements.

There is a common misconception, which has permeated the residential marketplace that all one needs to know is square footage of living space and little else matters. However square footage of floor area is but one of many variables in the comfort system equation. Physical laws of thermal dynamics can't be ignored, nor can the accountant's balance sheet for factoring initial investment against operating cost over the design life of the system.

What dominates the equation is an analysis of actual energy consumption for the structure in question. This is strongly affected by solar orientation, details of the building envelope such as percentage wall area comprised of glass, load diversity and operating characteristics of the heating and cooling systems.

While these lend themselves to discernible empirical data, lifestyle habits of occupants and their impact on equipment controls are not so easily quantified. The same identical residence and equipment can be operated at extremes at either end of the comfort spectrum. I'm certain you know neighbors who maintain a home at "walk-in box" temperatures in the summer or "incubator" temperatures in the winter, enough said.

Competing and complex priorities compound the issue. Therein lies the art, and mastery of such only comes with extensive experience. There are no shortcuts to tenure; just as there are no computer models that can incorporate all facets of HVAC design. Application software results will depend on the granularity of detail contained within the model, the knowledge and skill of the programmers who code it and the talent of those who apply it. That said, our algorithms are constantly evolving to better reflect the realities of our emergent on-line technology.

The interactive query methodologies driving HVAC pricing on Value-Price is a blend of required analytical data discreetly mixed with business acumen that has come from decades of HVAC contracting success in our region. While you're completing our data questionnaires please realize that we are striving to learn all potentials and challenges of your particular residence and how your lifestyle impacts our design.

Commonly we encounter questions on just why do you need to know "how many persons typically reside in your residence" or, "do you have frequent social gatherings or entertain large groups?" Quite simply, we are bound by jurisdictional code to calculate heating & cooling loads on any structure that has undergone significant alteration (addition of a room, finishing an attic or basement space).

ACCA Manual J The required (ACCA Manual J) methodology mandates adding 300 Btuh (British Thermal Units per Hour) for each person expected to occupy the conditioned space to correctly calculate sensible heat gain and determine actual cooling load.
While assumptions have been (and are still being) made based upon the number of bedrooms, experience has been a brutal teacher, and thus we're doing our utmost to give you the best possible design match for your unique requirements. Likewise we endeavor to be certain that the supply & return air-side of your equation is in harmony with industry standard (ACCA Manual D) methodologies.

Rest assured we've diligently tried to streamline this process based on our aggregate applied experience, while at the same time garnering enough information to do it right the first time. If at any juncture throughout the Value-Price interview process you´re not absolutely certain what is being requested (or why) please select the FAQ Menu found at the top of every page for answers to a myriad of known issues; challenges; and concerns we commonly encounter.

Should you find our FAQ explanations fall short of meeting a particular issue, then please eMail us. We'll do our best to address your question and promise rapid reply. If practical your succinct query will be added to our synopsis of FAQ´s so others can benefit from your thoughtful concern.

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