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Rely on Value-Price to provide genuine value at a price among the most competitive in the region.
Are you really in a secure position to accurately compare different heating & cooling systems quotes and actually know who's offering an "investment opportunity" that truly serves your needs?

Professional salespersons are trained to avoid the word price and use investment instead. We are decidedly more candid about doing business and not afraid to call contract "price" by its legitimate name, especially since our moniker links Price with Value.

Questionable agendas of commissioned salespersons proving annoying? Try us, we're focused on your need to obtain a quality installation of the most reliable equipment available in today's marketplace at a competitive thus affordable price.

Our marketing goal is straightforward since wholesale pricing is constant for area contractors, labor rates are stable, thus just as in the automotive trade, sales commission differentiates bottom line for HVAC system price. We sell through the Web, therefore our price isn't bloated by gratuitous commission. Compare, see for yourself, we're certain you'll agree.

In no way do we wish to diminish the worth talented sales professionals can bring to your table, especially for those naive to the HVAC industry. However we crafted our FAQ's to address the complexities of selecting from multiple quality tiers, myriads of capacities and efficiencies from government minimums to magnitudes above.

We understand your challenge in interpreting bewildering equipment ratings. Especially for those not conversant in public/private sector terminologies, therefore we strive to enlighten with a wealth of knowledge in our extensive Glossary of Terms. These are forthright, straightforward and provide links to sources so you can evaluate information in an objective venue.

Please do not fall under heavy sway of brochures from major brands which have a propensity to extol vendor specific attributes. As in all prudent research, rely foremost on sources that do not have vested interest in a product. Energy Star, EPA and the Better Business Bureau are excellent starting points.

We are a Dave LENNOX Premier Dealer™ and have been since starting with LENNOX. Frankly we participate owing to the excellent professionalism the program instills and the outstanding specialized training LENNOX offers participants. Our Technicians unanimously agree that LENNOX stands head and shoulders above others in the breadth of support offered to LENNOX Premier Dealers™ .

NATE Certified Technician That said, as tenured professionals we also advise you to put trust in having your HVAC system installation preformed by skilled technicians with NATE Certification. NATE is vendor neutral and the only professional credential supported by the entire HVAC industry.

As with any major home improvement we recommend you obtain competitive price quotes from established contractors and compare line-item to line-item,
only then can you be confident to make a decision that is correct for you.

Try us as thousands of your neighbors have, you´ll be glad you did...

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