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How Does It Work?

We lead you through an interactive interview process so it's quick and convenient to provide information needed to specify comfort systems best matched to your unique lifestyle and residence's requirements. Value-Price then immediately (real-time) generates a line item contract proposal for services and equipment. This becomes your property, so you can proceed as you wish.
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Before You Begin...
To facilitate your on-line experience through the Quote process you'll need:

  1. Zip Code
    Value-Price's service area is finite, limited to Northern Virginia and the Maryland Metro area including Annapolis. Should you fall outside our current geographic coverage we'll direct you to a qualified local Independent Dave Lennox Premier Dealer™ in the area you reside.

  2. Valid email account
    Email Account We totally understand concerns about abuse of your personal &/or business email address. Rest assured that we only use your email address for legitimate business purposes such as providing price quotes for HVAC systems; customer service; product warranty and claims administration. Value-Price does not and will not share client information with any third party for any purpose except as required by court order.

  3. Realistic time-frame of need.
    Owing to the seasonal nature of our product's demand we suggest you wait until you're actually ready for an upgrade or replacement proposal. While we do accept queries of up 30 days out, Value-Price's on-line proposal is tenured for a period of seven days. * (see below)

  4. Capacity of your equipment (BTU's or Tons)
    Manual J Heating/Cooling Analysis In order to specify the proper equipment for your proposal we'll either assume that your existing equipment is correctly sized or need to do a heating/cooling load analysis of the residence. See our FAQ's for more information on how to determine this.

    Telephone Real-Time Support If you're still uncertain about how best to proceed please eMail us for support and share your issues, we endeavor to address all genuine concerns in a timely manor.

The Quote process asks other questions germane to the equipment mix you specify however this information is typically easily answered "on the fly". Should you have any other concerns please let us know.

Once you've located & recorded the necessary information
(capacity of your equipment, etc.) you can Begin Here »»»

Sincerely, Support at Value-Price.com

*Equipment wholesale pricing and overtime requirements mandate limiting the duration of our Quote. That said our prices remain relatively static except for periods of weather extremes. During climatic challenges the availability of skilled professional installation personnel (i.e. overtime fees) can significantly alter tendered contract amounts.
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